Honda Integra Turbo Vs. Nissan Skyline R34

Honda Integra Turbo Vs. Nissan Skyline R34

A bit of weekend race with the above cars and an Audi S3 a bit modified…

25 thoughts on “Honda Integra Turbo Vs. Nissan Skyline R34

  1. Someone should report this to the local authorities because this is a very
    disturbing rape scene going on in this video, that integra is trying so
    hard to fight back but is over powered, disturbing.

  2. The Nissan is a six cylinder. The Integra is a four cylinder. Who the hell
    did you think was gonna win?

  3. Pussy USA probably LA have the r34 but NYC you can’t have that car LMAO
    wack stupid fu(kers lol!!!!

  4. its funny because the skyline probably doesnt have very many mods and the
    integra is probably pushing its max

  5. plus valve bouncing it so losing heaps of power lol as soon as i saw it i
    laughed and was like “this integras gonna get a bash”.

  6. This is just trying to make honda look bad come on guys they picked the
    richiest integra they could find to run a bad ass skyline bet he can’t do
    that to a real honda

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